Why Lingo Orbit

We realise that the technology has a big role in simplifying all human tasks including translation. However, the manipulation of machine translation has led to disrupting the trust and loyalty of the translation profession creating unending problems and pains for all who concerned with the quality of linguistic work. Many UAE government authorities have recently warned their customers regarding the increased use of cheap translation from untrusted sources such as machine translation and other online platforms.



At Lingo Orbit, we use only human translation as we strongly believe that the translation is more than a bunch of words on a document or website that need to be converted from one language to another. Many aspects that need to be taken into account before you can begin translation and all of the pieces are decidedly human. A quality human translator understands the client’s objectives from listening to and understanding the details, nuances and cultures involved, resulting in a seamlessly polished, cohesive, high-quality translation.



Lingo Orbit Translation Services

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